CNC Copper Bus Line

The Franklin BBF Series Bus Bar Fabricators combine CNC controls, software, auto loading, measuring, high speed punching, labeling, shearing, and sorting into a high performance cell. What was once a custom engineered system has evolved into a series of standard grouped options. The punch and shear operation of copper and aluminum bus bar (unlike steel bar) is a unique engineering challenge.

Franklin Model# BBF40x24 fabricator is a 24-tool dual press system. Each press contains twelve (12) high-speed punches at 200 milliseconds per hit. Standard components of each press are:

  • Quick Change Punches and Dies
  • Titanium Coated Punches (optional)
  • Software Driven Tool Lubrication
  • Air Gags with Switch Detection
  • Servo Driven Hit Rams
  • Hydraulic Stripping
  • Servo Press Positioning @ 1500 Inches (38 Meters) per Minute
  • THK© Linear Slide Bearings
  • Cluster Tools (optional)
  • Hardened Punch Piston Guides

Bar Code Printer & Applicator provides an automatic means of identifying each part. Normal setup includes Part#/Order# combination label. The Franklin Model# 1506SC-BS Bus Shear provides the cut-to-length for bars up to 3/8" thick. Fabricators designed to run bus bar greater than 3/8" thick is provided with a saw system or saw/shear combination. 

The Outfeed Sorting Conveyor moves the finished part down line to a discharge bin. All bins are programmable based on order number or part number. In some cases parts are sorted based on bend requirements.

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FRANKLIN MANUFACTURING, INC. based in Russellville, AL. provides total solutions with its standard product line of CNC structural fabricating machines. With extensive experience in steel fabricating equipment, Franklin’s CNC equipment is used in several markets worldwide including pre-engineered steel buildings, heavy structural fabrication and joist fabrication. Franklin’s philosophy for complete in-house responsibility of design engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, CNC controls, software development, customer service and installation is all encompassed in its 400,000 sq ft facility.

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